Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tortilla Chip Fried Chicken

I saw this recipe on from Aarron ( the new Foodnetwork Star). We love it!
Canola or Vegtable oil
3 pieces of Chicken cut into chicken strip size
3 eggs beaten up in a bowl
1 cup of flour in a bowl
A bunch of crushed up tortilla chips in a bowl

You should have three seperate bowls. One with the eggs, one with the flour and another with the crushed up tortilla chips. Add your favorite seasoning salt to the flour. Alot of it! You first pour about an inch to an inch and a half of oil into a pan. Let it heat up while you are getting everything else ready, because you want to hear a sizzle once you place the chicken in the oil. Dip the chicken strip into the eggs and then into the flour and then roll it around the tortilla chips. Place them then into the hot oil and flip after a few minutes. The pieces should be golden brown. Hint: I don't crush my chips up to a powder I just crush them up to small sizes. You can also use Dorito nacho cheese chips. I haven't tried em yet. After the chicken is cooked through place the strip on a plate to let the grease drip off.

I serve the chicken on top of a green salad that has avocado, shredded cheese, apples,tomatoes corn, and anything else you put in your green salad. I drizzle honey bbq sauce all on top! We love this meal so much. It is one of our favorites!

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