Friday, May 8, 2009


This is another recipe we got from my cute SIL Jenn and brother Baker. They are just miniature burgers, but the yummy part is the roll they are on.

Hamburger meat
Hawaiian sweet rolls
sliced pickles
Chedder cheese
etc etc etc ( whatever you like on your burgers)!!

Make small burger patties with your hands and fry em up or BBQ em up. Slice the Hawaiian sweet rolls in half. Place the burgers inside the bun and that's it! I do add salt and pepper to the hamburger meat, but that's it! The roll is what makes these little guys so delicious. It is so cute to see your kids eat them, because they can actually get their whole mouth around the whole thing and they can hold them with three dainty fingers like our little Lil does. Pinky out and all!!
Plan on eating 2-3 of them per adult!


  1. Yum! I would eat anything (almost) on one of those rolls! Thanks for all the fun ideas, Mands!

  2. i want one right now! ahhhh.. so good.