Sunday, December 20, 2009

Citrus Salmon Tacos

Salmon( we buy the frozen pieces from Costco and each eat one)
olive oil
salt and pepper
dill (opt)
1 mandarin orange or lime or lemon
cilantro chopped up
1 roma tomato chopped up
Salsa of your choice
warm corn tortillas

I defrost the salmon and place it in the med/high heat skillet that has olive oil in it. I have already S&Peppered and sprinkled dill on the salmon. I let the salmon cook for awhile and half way through I squeeze a mandarin orange over the top of the cooking salmon. We like ours a bit pink inside, but crispy on the outside. I chop up the salmon in the skillet and give it a bit more salt and pepper at the end. You wrap it up in warm tortillas with cilantro, tomatoes and the salsa of your choice. It was delicious and I can't stop thinking about this meal. LOVED IT!

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