Sunday, October 3, 2010


So October has come and I'm way excited, because I love cooking yummy fall, halloween stuff. We love anything pumpkin in this house. This yummy snack-dessert is sinful. We gave it away in cute Halloween bags to some friends. Here is what ya need:

12 C. popcorn
1/2C. reeses pieces candy
1C. roasted peanuts
1C. Candy Corn
1 package Almond Bark

Make your popcorn and empty it into the biggest bowl you have and then pour on the candy and peanuts and then top with the melted Almond bark. Mix it all together and then lay out wax paper and let it get hard and then package it up for friends and share the yummy goodness. Happy Halloween and Fall! It was still 102 today, but it's going down. I so badly want to bust out with a sweater or even a cardigan for that matter. Enjoy and hope you try!

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  1. What brand of almond bark did you use and what quantity?