Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cookie Icecream Sandwhiches

I loved these! I had the Elders over for dinner the other night and sometimes when they come to eat they have to leave quickly so I just hand them a dessert on their way out the door or send them home with goodies and these were perfect. I had free cookie dough that I scored from Papa Murphy's sitting in the fridge so I made that up into cookies and I had just bought some Dreyers vanilla icecream on sale at Walmart so I put the two together. Make sure to let your cookies cool and I softened up my icecream in the microwave for a bit so it would be soft when putting a scoop in between the two cookies. It worked magically and they were divine!

Chocolate Chip Cookies
Vanilla Icecream

Ohhhh. . . I wrapped them up in foil after making them and kept them in the freezer until we were done with dinner and then I just handed everybody a wrapped up cookie icecream sandwhich.

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