Friday, June 5, 2009

Grandpa Morphy Tacos

My Mom used to always make these soft tacos for my Grandpa Morphy and I had to make em the other night. Nothing too fancy, but so yummy. Every bite made me think of Grandpa over at the small country house I grew up in sitting in the kitchen, listening to Frank Sinatra and handing out $5 to all of us Morphy kids. Here are the yummy tacos:

Flour Tortillas
Ground Beef
Taco seasoning
Avocados smashed and made into guacamole ( lots)
tomatoes chopped
lettuce chopped
Shredded Chedder cheese ( lots)
Veg. Oil

In a frying pan cook up your hamburger meat ( I actually used Ground Turkey the other night, because I didn't have ground beef), add in your taco seasoning and let sit for a minute while you are cutting up the tomatoes, avocados,lettuce, and shredding the cheese. In another skillet pour in about 1/4 inch veg. oil and get it hot ( med. heat). Take each tortilla and use tongs and place the tortilla in the hot oil for just a minute or so on each side. It will start to bubble up and get light brown. Place the fried up tortillas on a paper towl and pat off extra oil before serving. Put everything into the Taco shell ( lots of cheese and guacamole) and there you have a GRANDPA MORPHY taco.

Hint: you have to fry the tortillas ( it is a must).
Hint: I also added in salsa to my meat mixture and it makes it very saucy and tomatoey. Love it!


  1. Who knew your were so multi-talented?! This site ROCKS.-shaunee

  2. sorry-I think I commented signed in on the wrong id.... anyway, LOVE your recipe blog.:)